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The following is the history of the Lac La Nonne parish.

Information was gathered from older parishioners, archives of the Oblate Fathers and the Archdiocese of Edmonton.


- Mass was said in the Lac La Nonne area at the home of Octave and Emilie Majeau before 1911.


- In 1911 the first Catholic Church was built east of the graveyard on top of the hill and the parish was called "Our Lady of Sion".


- In 1918 the Oblate Missionaries started to build a Grotto on the hillside directly south of the church.


-In 1920 the Grotto was finished and was blessed by Father LaBrie in Sept. 1920 because Bishop Legal had already passed away in January 1920.


- The Grotto was destroyed in the summer of 1929 when it was struck by lightning.


- In 1941 building of the present church began using the smaller stones from the former Grotto in the concrete for the basement. With the blessing of the new church by Archbishop MacDonald on Sept 6th in 1942, the name was changed to "Our Lady of Lourdes".


- In June, 1995, because of the deteriorating concrete basement the church was moved to the present, adjacent concrete basement and was restored during the time of Fr. Sienko.


- To finish the project for the Millennium 2000 the Grotto was once again built in honor of "Our Lady of Lourdes".

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